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Why I write,

Songwriting has always come easy to me. And by that I mean when I started I was terrible, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I remember sitting down to write my first song thinking, “This song could get big!” Laughing now, I realize it was an awful song but I’ve learned from those experiences and have grown into the songwriter I am today.


God has been my number one resource through this journey and though I’ve faced many struggles and addictions, I’ve come out on the other side giving thanks to Him for the victory. He’s the reason I write today. Most of my songs are from raw and real emotions thrown down with a melody attached whether it be a sin I couldn’t overcome, a close friend who passed away, or the stories of the people I meet every day.


I accredit all my ability to Jesus Christ my Savior Who died and bled for me, and I pray you feel the hope that runs through the veins of each one of my songs because every one of them is real.

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